Life Events We Need To Know About

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Life Events We Need To Know About

As insurers, we get to be a big part of your life, even when you don’t realize it.  Life events that we celebrate with you are a first car or a first home. If you bring home a new baby or even a new pet and you need suddenly need more coverage, you turn to us.  We weather storms, fires, and floods together. We’re basically family!


But we also get that you don’t always have us on your mind.  It’s really better that way. Knowing that you’re well-insured means that you get to go on with your life without having to worry if you’re protected.  However, here are a few life events where we need you to remember us. Keep us up to date so we can keep covering you!


  1. You’ve bought a new car: This one seems like a given, but some people forget that car insurance doesn’t cover just any car you drive.  We need to know the model, make, year…we need all the details in order to get you the best coverage! If you’ve got a lienholder on the car, we also need that information to add to your policy.
  2. You’ve changed relationship status: No, we don’t need all the dramatic details of your dating life, but we do need to know the big stuff.  If you get married or divorced, we need to be informed. When married, let us know of your new partner and of any name changes. If divorced, just find out if your ex has any interest in your shared property…if not, we can remove them from your policy.  
  3. You’ve been hired: Congrats!  Whether it’s your first job or a career switch, we wish you lots of luck.  In return, all we ask is a for a little information. For example, do you have a CFM Policy?  You might be in line for additional discounts. CFM policies offer discounts for people who have worked in the military, educational field, police force, fire department, or agriculture.  Also, if you’re earning more money, we want to adjust your life insurance policy to reflect your new income.
  4. You’ve bought a business: We know that whether you’ve taken on a small or big business, you’ll want to shout it from the rooftops.  But be sure to shout about it this way! We want to know all the details so that we can offer you the perfect coverage for your enterprise.  The less time you have to worry about being covered, the more time you can focus on work!
  5. You’ve grown your farm: Investing in new equipment or buying more livestock are expensive moves.  We want to make sure that the money you’ve put into your farm is reflected correctly on your policy!  Let us know about your new purchases so that we can insure them properly.
  6. You’ve moved houses: Even if you’ve moved into a home similar from the last, we still need to make sure that the coverage you’re paying for properly reflects where you’re at.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a renter or homeowner…your belongings need to be insured! But you should especially let us know if you’ve gone from renting to owning property. As a homeowner, you’re now responsible for a lot more and your policy should show that.  
  7. You’ve remodeled: Remodeling means an upgrade…you have a new kitchen or bathroom, maybe a new roof or basement.  The measurements of your house might have changed and your policy should, too!
  8. You’ve changed your yard:  Have you invested in a swimming pool?  Maybe you’ve put up a new fence or installed irrigation.  Whatever the changes might be, if you’re a homeowner, we need to know about it.  Changes like this affect your policy and we want to get it right!
  9. You’ve changed mortgage companies: Mortgage companies will often sell your loan to another company. When you get a letter from your new mortgage company notifying you of the change, you should send it to your agent. Your agent can then relay that change to your insurance company.  They will update your information and send important insurance documents like your yearly bill, typically paid through an escrow account, to the right address. If your agent and insurance company aren’t notified of the change in mortgage companies, your policy may lapse due to your bill not being sent to the correct place.
  10. You’ve purchased a security system: This might mean discounts on your policy!  If you’ve upgraded the security at your own, tell your agent right away. We want to reward you for taking the extra step!
  11. You’ve suffered from identity theft: You might not realize it, but this is an area where we can often help.  Let us know right away and we can check if you have liability under your coverage. For those CFM policyholders, you can be covered up to $15,000 for expenses incurred under identity theft.  
  12. You’ve welcomed a new child to your home: Whether you’ve given birth or adopted, whether it’s your first child or your fourth, you’ve got new responsibilities (and joy!) in your life.  Give us a call so that we can discuss changes to either health or life insurance policies.
  13. You’ve got a kid behind the wheel: Whether or not your teen gets their own car or uses yours from time to time, we know how much it means to you for them to be properly covered.  Let us know about this life change so that we can keep your kid and your car protected!
  14. You’ve dropped your kid off at college:  They grow up so fast! Let us know about this change so that we can offer you the best insurance solutions.  For example, CFM offers contents policies for college kids in dorms or renting apartments during the school year.  Your homeowners’ policy might even be applicable to cover your child’s living situation up to a certain extent.

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