Disability Insurance for the New Year

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We Need To Talk About Disability Insurance…


Disability Insurance

A New Year means New Year’s Resolutions.  Many of us look at the way we lived over the last 365 days and try to find ways to improve.  We talk about losing weight, exercising more, seeing friends and family more often, or not letting work stress get to us as often.  Taking care of ourselves is important, especially when others, like our partners and children, rely on us so much.


But few of us realize that there are other options we need to look into in order to protect ourselves and those we love.  Because no matter how good of shape we get in, no matter how great our resolutions are, accidents can happen and financial problems can arise.  


This is why we need to talk about Disability Insurance.


So many of our clients are fiscally responsible.  They are careful to put a little money to the side every month for a rainy day.  Need new tires on your car?  No problem, you can dip into your rainy-day fund.  Your child is going to need braces sooner than you thought?  The money is there.  You become ill or have an accident on the job and need to take a few more sick days than normal?  Your savings might allow for it.


But the problem with a Rainy Day fund is that it constantly has to be replenished.  When you work and are paid regularly, it’s not a problem to do that.  But if something major happens to you and you are unable to work, the Rainy Day fund is going to get used up fast.  


This is where Disability Insurance comes in.  

When you talk to your insurer and find a policy that guarantees cover for you and your family, it means that the money you’ve put aside for a rainy day doesn’t get used up in one go.  Disability Insurance helps extend the financial aid that you will need when problems arise in life.  


Talk to us today about the policies you need to safeguard your family.  We’ll find the best protections for you to keep you covered in the face of life’s unexpected turmoil.