Homeowner Tips

Sure, you’ve insured your home, but are you doing what’s necessary to secure it against wear and tear?  Here are some homeowner tips to create a happy living space and a fuller bank account.

Preparing for the colder months: 

  • Inspect your furnace before using it.  It’s time to turn the heat on!  But before you do, consider having it serviced.  Even if it isn’t in need of repair, a good cleaning can cut down heating costs and also guarantee that you’re breathing in clean air.  
  • Get out your paint brushes. Fall is the perfect season to freshen up your interior with a new coat of paint.  The humidity is low and the weather is tolerable enough to wear you can leave your windows open for faster drying.
  • Take care of your roof.  Finding out that you’ve got roof damage and leaks during a snow or ice storm is no fun…check for cracked or missing shingles in early fall, when the weather cooperates.  Don’t hesitate to re-caulk or check for moss or lichen.  
  • Keep your eyes peeled for mold. Summertime is mold’s favorite season to grow.  Now that the summer is over, inspect your home for any mold growth.  Remember: treat mold, especially black mold, like fire.  Call a professional immediately to get rid of it!  
  • Check the weather-stripping on your doors.  Tiny gaps or cracks could cost you big when it comes to heating your home.  
  • Inspect your air circulation. Take a look at vents, stove hoods, laundry rooms, fans…keeping the air clean in your home and making sure dust is building up will not only protect you from things like a house fire, it will also help with your allergies.  
  • Clean out those gutters. The leaves may be beautiful, but they have to fall somewhere. Clogs in gutters and downspouts can cause the roof to leak, which can lead to a hose of other problems.  And don’t forget the downspouts while you’re at it!  Fall means falling leaves, and leaves mean clogs.  Clean everything out in advance to keep from leaks and other drainage problems.  
  • Inspect your siding. Now is the time to check for curling, splitting, or cracking in your wood siding, or buckled or warped areas on your vinyl siding.  
  • Have a look at your insulation.  Head on up to the attic and make sure there are no gaps needing filled.  Unless you and your family are having health concerns, there’s no need to check your wall insulation.  
  • Test your detectors. Have you made sure the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors still work?  This is essential for when you start to use your furnace!