Teen Driver Statistics

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What you and your teen driver must know…


The statistics concerning teen driving are scary.  

But there’s no reason to let it frighten you and your adolescent out of actually driving…  Each family should review these statistics to ensure that their teen driver is taking all the necessary steps to stay safe on the road when they are finally handed the keys.

Teen Driver Statistics


The scary truth

  • Everyday, 6 teens die and over 650 are injured due to car crashes.  
  • The risk of crashing is higher for 16- to 19-year-olds than it is for any other age group.  
  • The fatal crash rate per mile driven is nearly three times the rate than for drivers over 20 years old.  


Dealing with distractions

  • Six out of every ten teen car crashes are caused by distraction. (And do we really need to point out what’s distracting them?  Here’s a hint: they’re looking at it 90% of the day… )
  • The more teenage passengers in a teen driver’s car, the higher the risk of a car crash.  (Translation: their friends are distracting them, too!)
  • When their phone sends a notification, 1 out of 3 teen drivers look down, therefore taking their eyes off the road.  
  • 88% of teen drivers who claim to be “safe” on the road admit that they multi-task while driving.  

Facing the facts

  • Risk of accident is the highest during the first few months after getting their license.  
  • Teens are more likely to speed or to ride too close to another car.  
  • Out of all other age groups, teens are the least likely to use a seat belt.  


Parents can make all the difference in the world when it comes to safe teen driving.  Sit down and talk with your adolescent about the statistics and come up with a set of rules when your teen is behind the wheel.